Top Rated Pressure Washers of 2019 – Best Pressure Washers 2019

Why should you trust this ranking?

Our experience – We has spent 1000s of hours (over the past 7 years) researching pressure washers, how they work, how to use them and we have tested 36 (so far) of the highest rated pressure washer models on homes, driveways, vehicles and more.
Our practical knowledge – Combine our team’s commercial power washing and mechanical engineering experience with the hands-on real-life use testing for PressureWashr and the benefits and downfalls of each pressure washer become easy to spot.
Our aim is to help you find the best pressure washer for you – The best 7 are chosen after our field notes are reviewed and comparisons made, then the buying advice is detailed below.
So if you plan on using your new pressure washer to:

Make quick work of cleaning your car or truck this weekend
Make your neighbour jealous with your brand-new looking driveway
Get your back deck and patio looking squeeky clean for the BBQ parties this summer
Then you’re in the right place because we tested on all those surfaces and more.

Let’s dive right in:
Top Rated Pressure Washers of 2019 – Best Pressure Washers 2019
Best Electric Pressure Washers in 2019
Car Wash Pressure Washer – Best Pressure Washer for Cars 2019
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